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The “NOW” generation coffee box, combining patented packaging technology with 15+ years of hands-on market experience, in-depth corporate packaging resource expertise and full knowledge of how reducing tree- fiber consumption by using less corrugated in The BaristaBox® design impacts significantly in the real-world of “sustainability”.

  • Fast Easy Fill

    BB96 typically fills in less the 2 minutes when filling through a funnel spout that has an O.D. slightly less than the 1-3/16” inside diameter of the bag spout opening (see the graphic visual). And, seeing is believing – take a minute to watch the fast-fill, wrinkle-free/no static-cling nylon bag open “smooth as silk” in the (adjoining video)

  • Anti-Spill & Safety Design

    The BaristaBox® design (re box cavity shoreline) is engineered to reach the maximum liquid capacity when the beverage level is ~ 5/16” below the bag spout “pour-out” point. Safe practice images attached show preventive measures for potential “HOT COFFEE SPURTS” and burn liability issues…

    (For Safety Tip Box etc.)
    (Coffee Overfill Example … Visible in Spout)
    (Staff Training Poster … “DO NOT OVERFILL”)

  • High Quality… By Design & Temp Hold Times

    The BaristaBox® temperature hold times average 21-24 degrees (F) loss per hour; with corrugated box design sustainability exceeding other coffee boxes in this market by using from 33-38% LESS tree fiber.

See Why The BaristaBox® is Better

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