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How To Prevent Coronavirus Infection
From The BaristaBox® Packaging

  • Don’t Trade Caution For Convenience
  • The BaristaBox® Line Is Made-Up Exclusively Of 7 Sizes Of One-Way/Non-Returnable/Non-Reusable Corrugated Boxes
  • Using The BaristaBox® Line Through The Delivery Cycle Will Guard Against Infection Threats, i.e.:
    • Staff Who Filled The Order At Retail
    • Customers Who Made Delivery To The Event
    • Servers At The Event Who Filled Drink Orders
  • Technically, The Virus Could Last For Up To 24 Hours On Corrugated Boxes
  • When The BaristaBox® Has Fulfilled Its “Server” Purpose At An Event, Immediately Dispose Of The Box

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Our Floorstock Program In Long Island Has SEVEN Sizes

BB96 BaristaBox®

Price Per Case $115.50
Units Per Case 25
Price Per Unit $4.62

BB128 BaristaBox®

Price Per Case $126.50
Units Per Case 25
Price Per Unit $5.06

BB160 BaristaBox®

Price Per Case $106.70
Units Per Case 20
Price Per Unit $5.33