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Own a Coffee Shop?

The BaristaBox® Can Enhance Your Business

How This Coffee Shop Is Cashing-In With The Barista Box®

Bagel Boss® … serving the best bagels (and coffee) on Long Island !

Adam Rosner, owner/operator of Bagel Boss® (with 13 stores) in the greater New York/Long Island metro market is very aware and driven by his customers’ feedback that his coffee box is a unique and “great” way to transport 96 ounces of hot coffee for events and catering and not have to worry about spilling multiple cups of coffee in a carrier or having to return airpots … plus, being able to depend on coffee staying comfortably hot and drinkable in the BaristaBox®.

Initially, a generic “stock” print coffee box was used but now, with the customized brand logo (see photo above), Bagel Boss® is building-brand-identity simply by displaying boxes throughout their stores … connecting at eye-level with customers as they fill their morning food orders of gourmet delicacies.

And, their orders will typically include selections from a broad assortment of prepared foods and salads … catering to a wide variety of tastes, serving a healthy, well-balanced menu for all its customers.

Core customers include office workers, catering orders to doctor’s offices, hospital staff, other medical facilities, school events and so on.

Of special note, pharmaceutical sales reps use the Bagel Boss® BaristaBox® all the time. They are a BIG business for Bagel Boss®. They (the reps) ARE the catering wheels to the doctor’s offices & staffs just mentioned.

How to measure the BaristaBox® profit impact at Bagel Boss® ? Simple … (20) cases or (500) 96 oz. boxes of hot coffee are sold, on average, every month from Bagel Boss’ 13 stores!

Considering the average retail price point for the 96 oz. coffee box in the New York market (from $12 to $19); well … “off-premise” coffee sales and profit growth with this mix of numbers can create very high return rates.

Call 1-800-645-2700. Remember, retail orders … FREE SHIPPING ! Thank you for using BaristaBox® !

Display Options To Increase Your Sales

We create custom-printed BaristaBox® display products to get the coffee boxes in front of your customers.

Display towers allow you to put the product in front of customers who are waiting in line.

Custom-Printed Coffee Boxes

We will custom-print your BaristaBox®.  Don’t settle for the standard brown-box with no branding when you can get your logo and coffee-shop branding on every box.

“We love Barista Boxes®.  The other boxes in the past would have to be monitored or they could be overflowing as the bag maybe isn’t expanding properly.  However, with these boxes it does a fantastic job filling up, and we love the smaller size.  So yes, we are fans.”

Julie Harrison – Roasted Coffee Depot. Graham, NC

Hover over the image to see how the tower is set-up.

Popular Products For Your Coffee Shop

BB96 BaristaBox®

Price Per Case $115.50
Units Per Case 25
Price Per Unit $4.62

BB128 BaristaBox®

Price Per Case $126.50
Units Per Case 25
Price Per Unit $5.06

FC30 Direct Fill Hose

Price Per Case $20.62
Units Per Case 1
Price Per Unit $20.62

UCC Universal-CupCaddy

Price Per Case $81.97
Units Per Case 100
Price Per Unit $0.81