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We Make It Easy To Offer Coffee To Go!

Ready when you need it, our diverse product line provides everything your customers need.  Coffee shops, hotel room service, catering companies. and large events, can all benefit from our convenient one-way packaging solutions.

Getting Started Is As Easy As 1-2-3…

1. Choose a size

We offer a variety of sizes and styles to fit any need.  Our BB64 is a 64oz option that works great for room service at hotels.  Our 96oz BB96 is excellent for coffee shops looking to increase their profitability.  And our BB128 and BB160 are great for large events and gatherings where bulk coffee is needed!

2. Choose Accessories

Our line of accessories makes it so easy for your customer to enjoy your delicious coffee.  Our proprietary cup caddy attaches to the coffee box to hold all your cups, stirring sticks, creamer and sugar, to provide an easy-to-hold, all-in-one solution.  We also offer filling accessories to make it easy on your baristas.

3. Choose Your Style

Our floor stock program makes it fast and easy to get the BaristaBox® products in your business ASAP.  But, if you prefer a custom solution, our design team will be happy to create a custom designed coffee box that matches your company’s branding.  Design proofs are provided free of charge!

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Our Proprietary Design Is Better and Safer Than The Competition.

Competitive Design “A” Loose-fitting flaps on this 20-year old design allow bag (with 6# of hot coffee) to sink into box and cause spill problems when pouring coffee.
The BaristaBox® is a patented design utilizing the 360 SpoutCollar that fits “tight & secure” around the bag spout … not allowing the bag to recede into the box.
Competitive Design “B” A remodel of the 20-year old design … with essentially the same problem … the bag spout is not secured in the collar and will cause the same spill problem when pouring coffee.

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